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SpeedTraining takes a fresh, new approach to learning and to developing people. Compact and dynamic, our bite size workshops are focused on delivering practical and effective improvements to individual and team performance – in just two hours.

Faster learning
SpeedTraining takes away the time pressures that can get in the way of effective learning. We can accelerate the process by concentrating on the knowledge and skills that will have the greatest impact.
Practical learning
Our approach is intensive and concentrated with an emphasis on encouraging delegates to develop highly practical solutions relevant to their own personal development and particular situation.
Manageable learning
SpeedTraining offers a 'bite-size' approach that helps people to learn more effectively. On a traditional management training course you may gain around 2-3 key insights in a day – we promise you the same, in a much punchier format.
Tailored learning
Adapted to the needs of management at different levels, we can combine our workshops into a tailor-made, modular programme – specifically designed to suit your business.
Blended learning
Our practical approach to learning includes our flexible online resources toolkit. This can be used to build and deepen the learning gained on training workshops; support personal development plans; or provide 'just in time' advice to help people deal with key issues or situations effectively. See the Online Resources demo here
Flexible learning
Inspiring and thought-provoking, our extensive range of workshops are delivered at our customers’ premises. Your site, your timings, your needs – you tell us what works for you and we will do the rest.

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For more information on our Workshops and Online resources contact:

Marie Hunter
T: 07774 270150

Annette Heritage
T: 07773 701467